DSA Spring Platform

Welcome to the Spring Platform! We are a group of DSA members who believe that a deeply democratic and highly participatory organization is essential to our growth and our future. We believe that a model that does not prioritize these values will not be able to channel the tremendous talent and ambition of our membership to fight for a socialist future.

The Spring Platform is built on a series of clear proposals–to be published here and debated prior to the DSA 2017 National Convention–to increase both our membership and the power of members in DSA. Our hope is that we can then become a truly powerful fighting organization on the political Left, one that can lead the rebuilding of a mass socialist movement in this country while winning serious reforms in the fight against capitalism, like single payer healthcare.

We have adopted “Spring” as the name of our platform in part because our reflections on DSA leading into the National Convention are very much born out of this spring season of organizing together, just after DSA’s winter membership surge. We feel that it is an appropriate name for these proposals because we hope that, like new growth in a forest after a long winter, they will help our base grow strong roots for many seasons to come.

We believe that this convention is perhaps the most important event in DSA’s history. In fact it may be the most important event in the American Left in decades, and the stakes could not be higher. In many ways it is a founding convention of a brand new organization, in a unique moment in history. We hope that the Spring Platform will present a clear voice for democracy, accountability, and member power. The acts of collaboration, good organizing and open debate are the most effective methods for building socialism by engaging, educating, and activating socialists around the country. It is critical that these perspectives have an organized presence at our convention.

We hope you will read our platform and stay connected as we release more articles and resolutions leading up to the convention. If you agree with our ideas and want to take part in this project, then let us know! We want to build a broad and strong movement for democracy within DSA. And we need you to make it happen!