Launch of Spring Platform Met with Flood of Interest

A few weeks ago we launched the Spring Platform, a series of concrete proposals for DSA’s upcoming national convention. These proposals were connected very openly to a clear political outlook centered on internal democracy, member power, and growing DSA and the socialist movement. We felt that if these ideas were put to the membership there would be a reaction, though we didn’t know what that reaction would look like.

The response we received once we launched our platform was an absolute flood of interest and positive support. Already, thousands of DSA members have visited the site.

The platform has been passed around, discussed and debated among members from all over the country. Over 100 members, from dozens of chapters, signed up on the website asking to be involved with the campaign to make these ideas a reality at the DSA national convention. This flood of interest has confirmed our view that members want to see a convention that is inclusive, lively, political, and sets the stage for building an even stronger member run organization.

We are so happy and honored to see such interest in these ideas. We will continue to reach out to the Spring Platform supporters across the country so we can have a strong, unified showing at the convention.

In the coming weeks, we will be publishing the language for our proposed resolutions for the convention, articles that go into detail on the thinking behind these ideas, along with endorsements of other proposals that will be up for a vote in Chicago. We are also entering the final stage of discussions around a National Political Committee slate with like-minded comrades for the convention that will include our own Jeremy Gong and Natalie Midiri. These will be important developments, so please stay tuned for updates.

Thank you to all the comrades who have shown us so much support. We are looking forward to working with you at the upcoming convention and beyond.


The Spring Platform Crew

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