Spring Platform Update #1

Several weeks ago, we launched the Spring Platform with the hope of starting a
conversation about important issues of democracy and structure within DSA leading up to the 2017 National Convention.

The response has been overwhelming in the best sense of the word! The Platform has garnered a flood of interest and debate on social media, in local chapters and on DSA’s national Activist List.

Now we bring you the first of several updates leading up to the convention. We’ve published the submitted versions of 2 of our 5 initial platform planks, as well as a blog post about the initial reaction to the Platform and a piece published in Jacobin Magazine by our comrade Dustin Guastella diving deeper into the Single Payer March on Washington.

Grievances Amendment
New Chapter By-Laws Amendment  

Launch of Spring Platform Met with Flood of Interest
We Need a Medicare for All March on Washington 

In the coming days we’ll also be releasing several additional platform planks as well as a couple of blog posts digging further into the platform.

We encourage everyone to discuss these in your local chapters and on social media, and are excited to see what conversations develop!

In Solidarity,

The Spring Platform Crew

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