Dues Reform Amendment


Strike Article III Section 5 of the DSA Constitution, and replace with:

The amount and structure of membership dues shall be determined by the NPC, and shall be altered no more frequently than once each calendar year.



Strike Article II of the DSA Bylaws, and replace with:

Section 1. The standard form of membership dues shall be monthly.
Section 2. Dues levels shall be graduated, proportionate to the member’s ability to pay.
Section 3. There shall be a separate yearly dues option for very low-income members. There shall be yearly dues categories for those who prefer not to pay monthly dues for other reasons.
Section 4. Those for whom the payment of low-income dues would constitute excessive hardship may be granted a dues waiver. Dues shall be waived for a period of one year upon application showing just cause for such waiver.
Section 5. There shall be a separate option of introductory dues for new members, to be determined by the NPC.
Section 6. Members may choose to pay higher or lower dues than their suggested level, within ranges determined by the NPC. No penalties shall be imposed on those who pay lower dues within such ranges, and no privileges shall be extended to those who pay higher. All members shall be granted equal standing.
Section 7. The NPC may determine procedures for sharing dues income between the Local and National Organizations, from the members in their jurisdictions. The NPC may establish procedures to oversee the use of those funds by Local Organizations, and may enforce penalties for misuse, including suspension of dues sharing.
Section 8. Local chapters’ independent fundraising, including pledge systems, shall not affect membership dues.