Grievances Amendment & Resolution

By Adam Goldman, Natalie Midiri and Jeremy Gong

Whereas, During this recent period of tremendous growth and transition, DSA chapters and members have experienced various instances of severe conflict, harassment and assault, putting individual members at risk and threatening our ability to do effective work.

Whereas, there is currently no clear system of handling grievances at the local or national level, putting undue burden on chapters both new and old to handle these matters without a clear, transparent and accountable process.

Be it resolved that:

The following language shall be added to the Constitution of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA):

The National Political Committee shall be empowered to enforce a grievance and/or mediation process on individual members or on entire locals.

All DSA locals shall outline in their by-laws the elected position of Grievance Officer and produce a grievance procedure in accordance with national guidelines.

Be it further resolved that:

The National Political Committee, in consultation with DSA members and locals, shall develop guidelines for handling grievances at the local and national levels.

The National Political Committee shall hire a staff person to assist locals and members in handling grievances and who will provide regular reports to a grievance body created by the National Political Committee.