Mobilizers Priorities Resolution

Whereas, in the wake of the post-election membership boom, a common struggle facing all DSA chapters is how to keep pace with the new mass interest in socialist politics and how to onboard new members to our work quickly before they lose interest in political activity. Old systems of onboarding, like scheduling a meeting for each new member with one of the local leaders, although preferable because they emphasize a personal relationship between long-term members who have institutional knowledge and new members who need information about how our chapters work, is unrealistic compared to the scope of our new on-boarding needs.

Whereas,  it is critical that we look to other mass-based organizations and adopt an internal organizational structure that can support our political goals.

Whereas, in Uptown NYC DSA, Brooklyn DSA, and Philly DSA, a similar system we are calling the Mobilizers Program, developed in response to the common challenges recurring in our local work. Based off of traditional labor organizing tactics, the Mobilizers Program develops a core of members (one mobilizer for every 10 members of the local) who function like shop stewards for their DSA chapters. This model is a combination of the mass-based tactics, which seeks to systematize and “scale” up organizing principles that are founded on the belief that strong relationships are key to developing new leaders.

Whereas, each individual mobilizer in the mobilizer system has five core responsibilities; (1) mobilizers orient new members to the local and it’s work by explaining the local’s structure, identifying the committees members can join, and directing new members to leaders who can answer questions or help them launch new projects; (2) answer questions about DSA’s politics, positions on key issues, and direct new members to internal political education programs or materials that are popular within DSA; (3) mobilizers gather information about what members are interested in and tailor their outreach to the member’s interest; (4) mobilizers gather broad information about member’s interests, political goals, and political development for leadership; (5) mobilizers act as a friendly point of contact for future questions and as a pathway for rank-and-file members to access local leadership.

Be it resolved that

DSA shall develop a national mobilizers training program to support the development of mobilizers systems and strong internal organization in chapters of 100 members or more, or for any chapter interested in developing the system locally. This work shall be undertaken by a national mobilizers training committee responsible for (1) developing and leading a training curriculum, (2) creating shared materials, (3) overseeing assessment and feedback on the program, and (4) releasing public reports to the broader membership on the status of the program and leading any additional trainings as the program develops.